Henrique is a Jungian therapist/Counsellor member of the Health & Social Care Council with over 25 years of experience working in the NHS (CAMHS) and in private practice. He specialises in talking therapy and the treatment of a range of clinical problems, including trauma, relationships, personality disorders, depression anxiety or worries about their life, psychosexual difficulties, or difficulties expressing feelings of anger, addiction and gender identity. Counselling helps us to understand ourselves better and to grasp what causes us to relate to ourselves and others in particular ways, some of which seem problematic & unhelpful.

Henrique has a wide range of training and experience and uses a variety of therapeutic methods including a psychodynamic approach, integrative, Art, Drama & Movement and, Play therapy. Henrique offers therapy to individuals who feel they have reached a point of crisis in their lives, either at home, work or in relationships.


During the assessment phase, he carefully assesses the individual’s, needs and difficulties, and suitability for psychological treatment.

Sessions last for 50 minutes and are held on a regular basis. This is usually discussed during the initial meeting.